Get ready, ODM 3.0 is here!

ODM 3.0, the leading open-source drone mapping engine, has been released!

This release has focused on improving output quality, removing some legacy parameters and fixing long-standing issues with the software. You can check the change log to see what has been removed. If your scripts use legacy parameters, they will be ignored and you will get a warning. This follows our philosophy of “not breaking stuff”.

It can be difficult to convey in words what I mean by “improving output quality”. So I’m not going to, and instead, I will direct you to our UAVArena page.

If you want to get nostalgic, compare the ODM 3.0.0 engine outputs with those of ODM 0.9.9. How far we’ve gone!

If you want to get excited, compare the results to those of alternative proprietary software, or against a previous 2.x release.

Digital Surface Model. Left: ODM 2.8.0. Right: ODM 3.0.0

Orthophoto relief displacement improvements. Note the trailer on the bottom left and the truck. Left: ODM 2.8.0. Right: ODM 3.0.0

ODM 3.0.0 is available today as a standalone application or can be used with the WebODM GUI, which as of today also ships with the latest version of ODM.