ODM Benchmarks

This repository is a part of the ODM project and is dedicated to benchmark sample datasets found in the ODMData repository and a few other thrid party sources, to better understand the behavioural characterists of ODM.

OpenDroneMap benchmarking data is summarized in the following pages:

Datasets for Benchmarking

Preferred datasets for benchmarking at this time are:

  • Brighton Beach (18 photos)
  • Toledo (87 photos)
  • Wietrznia (225 photos)
  • Shitan (493 photos)

These and many other sample datasets are indexed at the ODMData repository.

How to Contribute Benchmarks

This section provides instructions for contributing to the ODM Benchmarks project.

  • Review Previous Benchmarks – You can have a look at previous benchmarks which is found in the benchmarks.csv file, located in the data directory to understand various things such as for example, figuring out which dataset has been benchmarked lesser than in comparision to other datasets.

  • Select a desired Dataset – Choose one of the datasets of your choice which is listed in the table seen above. Links to download the dataset is provided in the same.

  • Run the Dataset – Create a new task in ODM and process the images.

  • Verify the results – Ensure that the task completed successfully by viewing the maps and models generated

  • Submit Your Results – Open the benchmarks.csv file and look at the header for each of the column and note the desired information required before submitting and edit the csv file. Submissions are accepted Via a Pull Request or you can choose to post your results on the ODM community forum. A table is given below to explain the structure of the CSV.

Attribute Explanation Example
ID Benchmark Number 1
DATASET Dataset Name Toledo
PROCESSING_TIME Time taken to Process The dataset 1h 9m
PROCESSING_SUCCESS Confirm If process was successful Y
ERROR_TYPE Mention error if any occured
RAM_SIZE Size of RAM allocated 16 GB
RAM_CLOCK_SPEED RAM Frequency of the Machine 2133 MT/s
CPU_TYPE Make and model of the CPU Intel i5
CPU_CLOCK_SPEED Clock Speed of the CPU 2.3 Ghz
CPU_NUM_CORES Number of Cores of the CPU 4
STORAGE_TYPE Storage Type of the system. HDD/SSD/NVME SSD
OS Operating System of the Machine Ubuntu 18.04
VM_TYPE Virtual Machine on which ODM is running on Docker
ODM_VERSION Version of ODM Used to Benchmark 1.3.1
ODM_CLUSTER Delcaration of usage of Cluster ODM N
CONFIG_NAME Mention of the Configuration in which the dataset is being processed Default
CONFIG_RESIZE mention of image size if images are being resized 2048 px
CONFIG_OTHER Other Configurations made that are worth mentioning
TEST_DATE Date of Test 2020-03-07
TEST_BY Information of the individual who tests the data Corey Snipes
INCLUDE_IN_SUMMARY Check if Data has been included in summary Y
NOTES Additional Notes

Queries and Contributions

  • Questions and Doubts – Any queries you may have can be posted in the ODM community forum.

  • Contributing new Benchmark Data – If you have benchmark data to share, See this page for details on contributing.


MIT License